Possible Sasquatch Footprint Found in Canada Recently!

Continuing on our never-ending coverage of all things paranormal and cryptid, we have news of a recent footprint found in Canada that may belong to a possible Sasquatch. Keep reading for more details below.

According to reports recently out of British Columbia in Canada, a rather sizeable print was found on January 19th that has the fellow who found the print believing it may belong to a Sasquatch. Roy Watson discovered the mysterious print outside his home in East Kelowna.

Watson claims he was never a believer in such things as Bigfoot but stating “seeing the prints, it shocked me and completely changed my point of view.”

He says the night before finding the print in his yard, he heard a strange ruckus outside of his home and found the print the very next day. Watson said he “woke up to my garbage can torn to pieces and my fence gate snapped. Anyone else come across some sort of animal last night or could identify this print. Totally weird if you ask me.” He continued on to say “I’m just as shocked as you. Some people don’t believe it but I know it’s real, that’s all that matters to me.”

Since that day Watson has tried to connect with so-called Sasquatch experts but the closest he’s gotten to confirmation is from a man named Brian Wells who studied the prints. Wells said he couldn’t confirm they were Sasquatch prints but he also didn’t rule it out. Watson says the print is between a size 17-20 men’s shoe size. “It was a very large print.”

Whether there is a Sasquatch in the area or not, Watson says he’s not taking any chances, “I’m keeping my dog indoors at night now and I make sure my door is locked. I’m a full-on believer.”

Whether it was local hooligans or a real Sasquatch, it’s hard to say but my motto is never say never in this world.

Source: Coast To Coast AM / Castanet.net

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