Power Metal Unit ADAMANTIS Release Official Video for “Voron (The Ravensong)”!


Boston-based power metal band ADAMANTIS has released the official video for “Voron (The Ravensong)” today. The track is off of the band’s debut album, Far Flung Realm, due out on March 19th via Cruz Del Sur Music. Check out the video to get a feel for the power of the band and get more details below.

From The Press Release

Boston (MA) – Rising Power Metal force Adamantis have released the official video for “Voron (The Ravensong),” a track from the band’s Far Flung Realm debut album. The video was directed by Yelena Kamenetskaya and Evgeny Gromovoy.

“Voron (The Ravensong)” Official Video:

Cruz Del Sur Music will re-release Far Flung Realm on a limited edition Compact Disc and Vinyl (Gatefold LP + 7’’) on March 19.

The re-release of Adamantis’ universally hailed Far Flung Realm debut — a timeless, majestic mix of power metal for fans of Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Running Wild!

Spawned by Helloween in the mid-1980s then carried throughout the ensuing decade by the likes of Angra, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, European power metal is a style few can master. Essential ingredients include a soaring vocalist, dueling guitars, a battering ram of a rhythm section and, most importantly, songs that both engage and inspire. It is rare when a young band displays such mastery of these skills, which is why Cruz Del Sur Music quickly swooped in and signed Massachusetts’ Adamantis barely a month after the self-release of their Far Flung Realm debut full-length for proper release in 2021.

Adamantis formed in 2016 when drummer Evgeny Gromovoy and guitarist Javier Estrada moved to Boston for work. They soon met guitarist Jeff Taft and former singer Ashley Caval via an Internet post calling for musicians sharing similar influences to start a band. The band played across New England and culminated their run with the release of the Thundermark EP. Soon after its 2018 release, Caval and original bassist Liz Cleary left and the trio continued working on new material, eventually adding bassist Cody Pelchat and vocalist Jeff Stark to complete the lineup.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Christian “Moschus” Moos of Spacelab Mixing, Far Flung Realm is the culmination of Adamantis’ democratic writing process — each member contributed to the album’s 11 tracks. Lyrically, Far Flung Realm tackles a wide range of themes: “Misbegotten Dream” is about Elric of Melnibone from Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion novels; “Puppeteer’s Bane” is about a character from Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon. Songs such as “Journey’s End” and “Voron” tackle themes of facing death and mortality, “The Siege of Arkona” details historical events, while fantastical themes are covered on “Unbound Souls.” Far Flung Realm also features a guest appearance from former Dark Moor singer Elisa C. Martin on “The Oracle’s Prophecy.”

Already championed by the influential “NWOTHM Full Albums” YouTube channel, Far Flung Realm is first-class, top-notch power metal, representing the style’s past and bright future.

The album will be available on Compact Disc and a Special Vinyl Edition in Gatefold + 7” + A2 Poster + Download Code. Pre-order below:

CD: https://tinyurl.com/y6673l9g

LP: https://tinyurl.com/y3zx2mrs

Bandcamp: adamantismetal.bandcamp.com/album/far-flung-realm

Track Listing:

  1. Into the Realm
  2. Unbound Souls
  3. Misbegotten Dream
  4. Puppeteer’s Bane
  5. Fire and Brimstone
  6. Imagination
  7. Journey’s End
  8. The Oracle’s Prophecy
  9. Second Sight
  10. The Siege of Arkona
  11. Voron (The Ravensong)







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