Love and Death – Perfectly Preserved (2021) Review

Reviewed Digital copy by Chris Hammond

Love and Death – Perfectly Preserved (2021)
Label: Earache Records
Style: Nu Metal, Alternative Metal

Current Band Members:
Brian “Head” Welch – Vocals, Guitar
Jasen Rauch – Bass
JR Bareis – Guitar, Vocals
Isaiah Perez – Drums

Infamy (1:51) 
Tragedy (3:36)
Down (4:00)
Let Me Love You (feat. Lacey Sturm) (3:52)
Death Of Us (3:50)
Slow Fire (3:29)
The Hunter (feat. Keith Wallen) (3:37)
Lo Lamento (3:47)
Affliction (3:15)
White Flag (feat. Ryan Hayes) (3:56)
Runtime 33 Minutes 

Brian “Head” Welch of Korn returns with his band’s second album release in Perfectly Preserved. Welch’s clean yet vicious vocals are showcased throughout the tracks of the album. This is not to say you won’t hear songs featuring the guttural growl that Korn has been known for. The sound of Perfectly Preserved is aggressive but not without elements of a softer side. This softer side is explored in the cover of Justin Bieber’s Let me love you. The song also features vocals from ex-Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm.

This four-piece band hasn’t changed the song that their first album 2013’s Between Here & Lost. The sound is still intense, engaging, and thrilling. Lyrically Perfectly Preserved is a raw nerve of struggles, break-ups, addiction. Welch melds his religious beliefs in a way that won’t turn away any listener.

Overall the band is now even more cohesive as a quartet and this shines through musically, lyrically and fans will feel this from the first instrumental track Infamy.

Perfectly Preserved is an education on how to release a solid 10 track offering that fans will want to listen to. Will this break new ground in musical genres no, but it will thoroughly entertain listeners and possibly bring in new fans.

Other guest musicians on the album include vocals by Ryan Hayes of the band Righteous Vendetta and former rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist of Breaking Benjamin, former guitarist and backing vocalist of Adelitas Way.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Throat Screams
Perfectly Preserved is available here
Love and Death Website
Love and Death Facebook
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