Practical FX Werewolf Film, WALPURGIS NIGHT Still Needs Funding Help!

It was almost one year ago that we brought you news of the upcoming werewolf film, WALPURGIS NIGHT. Back then, the filmmakers were in the beginning stage of seeking crowdfunding help to get the kick-ass, old-school, werewolf film off the ground. Now it’s a year later and writer/director Eric Yoder is much closer to making his vision happen, but they still need money to get the film finished.

The film is meant to be a homage to the 70s European gothic horror films that starred the inimitable Paul Naschy. That’s why Yoder needs funding to make his film happen. It’s going to be one helluva werewolf film, the likes of nothing we’ve seen since those Naschy classics.

Synopsis of Walpurgis Night:

A wealthy couple, Imre and Justine, are visiting the deep forests of Romania and find themselves at the mercy of Waldemar Daninsky, THE WEREWOLF. The wolf terrorizes the countryside, killing anyone in its path. But Waldemar desperately seeks a cure to his lycanthropy. After a horrific tragedy strikes, Waldemar and Justine travel to London to seek the help from of Dr. Jekyll’s grandson. But when the full moon rises… The werewolf becomes loose in London! Justine and Jekyll must quickly find a way to end this horrible curse.


You can check out the horror short film, Legend Of El Hombre Lobo that Yoder did the werewolf FX for as a sample of what is to come:

You can also watch the Walpurgis Night campaign video here:

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