Boneyard Racers (film short) Review

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Boneyard Racers is a short film from River City Television (located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

Written by and co-starring Neil Chase
Directed by and co-starring David Heacock
Produced by Lindsay Christopher (who also co-stars in the film) and Preston Ewasiuk (Rutherford Manor)
Cinematography by Logan and Philip Wilson
Thomas Kassian
Ryley Shandro

The film follows Sam and Jackie (a teenage couple), who while out on Halloween night stumble upon a nefarious mystic gathering. Johnny (a devilish sort) challenges the teenage duo to a drag race. Will this be something Sam and Jackie will regret? or will they live at all?

Boneyard Racers is impressive on many levels. Production and Cinematography are mind-blowing. The actors are top-level. The original story by Neil Chase is something that leaves viewers wanting more. With the announcement of a full-length feature, that’s what they’ll get. The expansion of this already engaging supernatural yarn will only help to bring viewers into the world of The Boneyard Racers.

The film as a whole has the look and feel of a large Hollywood-style feature film. The costumes and make-up really help to push forward the eerie feel within the tale (the flashy cars don’t hurt either). The Band Punch Drunk Cabaret (who performs songs in the film) is an added bonus to an already talent-stacked short. Boneyard Racers is something special and that is something that isn’t said much these days.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Boneyard Racers

Currently making its festival run and soon to be a full-length feature film. Find out more at

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