Gimme Metal’s Weekly Metal Chart – February 8, 2021!

Take a look at the weekly Top 40 Heavy Metal Chart by Gimme Metal for the week of February 1, 2021. Get the full chart and an upcoming list of guest DJ’s on Gimme Metal for the upcoming week down below.

Each week, GIMME METAL publishes its radio chart listing the top 40 tracks played on the station. Already the best metal discovery service online, the GIMME METAL chart is a powerful tool for listeners, labels, and artists for staying up to date on the best new metal released by established greats and up-and-coming underdogs, all handpicked by GIMME’s knowledgeable DJ roster and editorial team.

GIMME METAL Chart – February 8th, 2021:

  1. The Crown – “Motordeath”
  2. Gaerea – “Null”
  3. Culted – “Black Bird”
  4. Genghis Tron – “Dream Weapon”
  5. Gatecreeper – “Depraved Not Deprived”
  6. Wolf King – “Wandering Soul”
  7. Bewitcher – “Satanic Magick Attack”
  8. Accept – “Zombie Apocalypse”
  9. Eyehategod – “Fake What’s Yours”
  10. Monolord – “I’m Staying Home”

Click HERE for the full Top 40 List.

Gimme Tipjar Milestone – From mid-March to the end of 2020, GIMME raised $70,000 for over 300 independent artists through its virtual tip jar. This is meaningful income for artists who need it the most. They earned it by participating in the community on GIMME METAL, GIMME Country, and by connecting directly with their fans. GIMME proves once again that community is the future of streaming! Given the chance, fans want to support artists. GIMME is a creator economy platform raising meaningful revenue for musicians and would like to thank everyone who has tipped an artist they love and support as well as those who’ve shown up in the live chat to support the artists and each other during these extreme times. Tip jars are still open! Here’s to many more shows and much more relief to our artist friends around the globe! 
This week on GIMME METAL: 

 Nervosa Guest DJ Special – Newly staffed thrash metal powerhouse Nervosa have returned with Perpetual Chaos, out now via Napalm Records. Fronted by mainstay Diva Satanica’s powerful and aggressive vocals, Perpetual Chaos marks the beginning of a new era whilst also underlining their straight-forward lyricism and style: From political grievances and amplifying the voices of minorities to protesting against factory farming, capitalism, and succumbing to the ill-informed musings of social elites, these commanding women do not mince words. GIMME METAL is pleased to welcome guitarist Prika Amaral to the guest DJ seat this Tuesday! Don’t miss it! 

 Grayceon Guest DJ Special – Formed in 2005, this San Francisco trio have carved out a truly unique musical sound traversing the usual parameters of metal. Utilizing electric cello, guitar, and drums, the group has issued a series of incredible records via imprints like Profound Lore, Vendlus, and The Flenser, their latest being Mothers Weavers Vultures released late last year via Translation Loss. Screaming melodic lines over distinct guitar “chunk,” doom riffs, jazz chord progressions, intricate folk-like delicacies, and just about everything in between, Grayceon’s sound defies the boundaries of the metal/rock/progressive genres. GIMME is honored to have Grayceon host their first guest DJ show. Join them in the chat for great tunes, good fun, and in-show giveaways! 

 Horror Pain Gore Death Label Special – From its Philadelphia base, Horror Pain Gore Death has burrowed its bloody way into the temples of metal fiends worldwide, not just as a label but a distribution. Cradling and nurturing such beasts as Ruin, Hive, Ribspreader, Violent Opposition, Mausoleum, and most recently, releases from Coffins, Wintereve, a split with Serotonin Leakage and Charcuterie and so much more, Horror Pain Gore Death’s global assault continues in 2021. HPGD head Mike Juliano will man the GIMME DJ console, spinning two two solid hours or sordid odes. Tune in, dig into the catalog at and leave a tip in the bucket on your way out.Coming soon to GIMME METAL TV: 

 Saint Vitus Live In Hamburg – Missing live music? This week we have you covered! We kick it off with a classic, hard-to-find, performance from the legendary doom bringers Saint Vitus in Hamburg, Germany. Tune in to GIMME METAL TV, cast it to your TV with Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast, and witness this excellent career spanning set like you’re in the front row!  

Gaerea Livestream + Exclusive Merch GIMME METAL TV, in cooperation with Season Of Mist Records, will broadcast its first ever livestream event with Portuguese black metallers Gaerea this Saturday! Set to take place at 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST, the livestream will find Gaerea performing their latest album, Limbo, in its entirety. Additionally, the band will be selling exclusive merch. Prepare to lose yourself in the nihilistic abyss of what promises to be a hypnotically pummeling performance. Tickets are $10.00 and available now via the GIMME METAL app at THIS LOCATION. Download or update to the latest version of the app to purchase tickets.

Saturday Horror Feature: Acid Bath hosted by Kelsey Chapstick – Kelsey Chapstick hosts another Saturday horror feature with 2006’s Acid Bath directed by Lou Garcia and Annette Martinez! The synopsis: “A crazed murderer is on the loose and he’s got the local nightlife on the run. The hooker network has organized a game plan to save themselves from their unknown killer. In a conflict between the crime syndicate and a reckless bounty hunter, their fates will all be decided in a flash.” – IMDB. Don’t miss Kelsey’s charm and this campy gore flick!

GIMME METAL TV runs 24/7 giving you unlimited music videos, interviews, live performances, and other amazing clips and shows from Metal Injection as well as your favorite metal bands and artists! With Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast features, you can cast it to your TV or laptop! Tune into GIMME METAL TV HERE!

Upcoming on GIMME METAL:
2/15 Possessed
2/16 Disfiguring The Goddess
2/19 Between The Lines Spotlight w/ Jim Santanella: S.O.D.
2/20 Hardcore Special w/ Director Drew Stone
2/20 Gimli, Son Of Glóin
2/24 Gravesend
2/26 Culted
2/27 GIMME Global Day #2 On Metal 2 (International Specials)
3/05 Cadaver All-Norwegian Special
3/09 The Crown
3/10 Wolf King
3/12 Pupil Slicer
3/17 Primordial All-Irish St. Patrick’s Day Special
3/19 Eyehategod
3/26 Autopsy
3/31 Genghis Tron
4/01 Wode
4/07 Horndal
4/09 The Lion’s Daughter
4/13 Akiavel
4/20 Bongzilla 420 Special
4/27 Vried

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