Rezet – Truth in Between (2021) Review

By Chris Hammond (Reviewed digital copy)

Rezet – Truth in Between (2021)
Label: Nuclear Blast, Metalville
Style: Heavy Metal, Thrash

Current Band Members:
Richard “Ricky” Wagner: guitar, vocals
Bastian “attt” Santen: drums, backing vocals
Heiko Musolf: guitar, backing vocals
Bjarne Otto: bass, backing vocals

1 – Back for no good 4:49
2 – Deceived by paradise 4:11
3 – Populate, delete, repeat 5:31
4 – Renegade 3:27
5 – Half a century 4:39
6 – Infinite end 5:01
7 – Truth in between 4:32
8 – Jailpit 3:35
9 – I’m not gonna stop 3:05
10 – The plague 4:21
11 – (Un)certain crimes 4:39
12 – Never satisfied 4:37
13 – The last suffer 4:06
Total Runtime: 54:33

Hailing from Germany Rezet thrash their way back onto the scene with the band’s sixth studio album “Truth in Between“. The new album will please fans, especially the opening song “Back for no Good“. Songs progress their way nicely including power ballads such as “Infinite End” which includes powerful guitar solos and solid singing.

Some of this album was written during 2020 and reflect the feelings felt in the first few months of the Pandemic which we are all still living in. This can be reflected throughout the album including the song “The Plague“.

Jailpit” has a sing-along style and hopes to return the listeners to a time when they can mosh in the pit once again. This one has an early Anthrax feel to it.

Truth in Between the album has a raw power to it musically and lyrically. The band is hitting on all cylinders with this release, proving good music can be powerful and sonically pleasing.
Ricky changes his vocal styles to suit the song he is performing and personally it sounds brilliant. Rezet shows that they are here to thrash and thrash hard they do. It is extremely hard not to mosh around to some of these songs, this is a perfect release of music with not one weak offering on the whole album.
Rating: 4 out of 5 mosh pit monsters
Release Date January 29, 2021, on LP, CD, and digital
Rezet Official Website

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