Denver’s SCEPTER OF ELIGOS Drops New Single for “Inverted Illusions”!

Denver, Colorado-based doom-sludge group SCEPTER OF ELIGOS has dropped a new single for their first full-length album’s title track, “Inverted Illusions.” The album is due out on Jan 29th, 2021. You can listen to the new single below and get more details on the band as well.

From The Press Release

Formed in 2012, Denver’s Scepter of Eligos has been conjuring up heavy, sludge doom metal that is ravaged with death metal overtones and highlighted with psychedelic groove. They are releasing their first full-length album “Inverted Illusions” in 2021 and are tantalizing listeners with a second single, “Inverted Illusion” off the record.

Coined as “psychedelic metal of death”Scepters of Eligos blur the lines between genres, creating a sound that is powerful, dissonant, and heavy as hell. According to the band, the single “Inverted Illusion” is a sonic injection of adrenaline and LSD: they continue with their take on the album:

“We wanted this collection of songs to represent all the various influences as well as our own individual style which we feel that we are developing. This album is a cohesive representation of the band’s sound, using our favorite elements of various metal subgenres.”

Taking notes from influential bands in a variety of sub-genres including psychedelic rock, death and black metal, Scepter of Eligos formed thanks to having similar ideas of what they wanted from a band, the ability to be fully creative and not have to stick to a strict formula. The result is songs that are always loud and punishing and interesting enough to keep even the most fastidious metalheads enthralled.

Ever entertaining live as well as recorded, Scepter of Eligos is a band to watch; they intend to release more music in the future. Scepters of Eligos are recommended for fans of death metal, doom metal and in particular Disfear, Ufomammut, and Acid Bath.

The single for “Inverted Illusion” can be heard via its exclusive stream on Decibel Magazine HERE

“Inverted Illusions” comes out on January 29th and available for pre-order on

Track Listing
1. Reabsorbed (5:46)
2. Biological Possession (5:53)
3. Starless Chasms (4:46)
4. Inverted Illusion (3:24)
5. Procession of Spectres (10:20)
Album Length: 30:10

Album Credits:
All songs written and performed by Scepter of Eligos
Tracks 1-4 Mixed and Mastered by:
Jamie Hillyer at Module Overload Studio
Track 5 Mixed and Mastered by: Felipe Patino at Green Door Recordings
Cover art by: Christina Hunt of Heavy Metal Talisman
Layout by:S.Wyatt Houseman of Hidden Hand Extreme Music Marketing
Logo by: Dennis Lee Hughs of Cythraul Art
For more info:


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Scepter of Eligos crashes into listeners in a wave of death, doom, and psychedelic sludge. An amalgamation of heavy styles with an unique spin, Chris Candelario (bass), Frank Candelario (drums), and Andrew Sares (vocals/guitars) work collaboratively to flesh out what they describe as “Psychedelic metal of death”. To accompany their punishing music they craft lyrics based on Sares’ occult practices and readings. They take their name from Aleister Crowley’s description of Eligos; a Goetic demon that is said to appear on a winged horse holding a scepter and a serpent.

Since their conception in 2012, the musical careers of the power trio have been a whirlwind of gigs both on the local and national levels playing with bands such as The Chasm, Manilla Road, Lycus, and Bongripper garnering attention from a variety of metalheads. Thus far they have 3 releases to their name; a demo from 2013, the 2017 single “RIP Martin Eric Ain” and the 2018 EP “MMXVIII”. Pushing onward with grit and determination they will be releasing the full-length “Inverted Illusions” in 2021.

Boasting live performances that are as varied and intriguing as their music, one can expect to be overtaken by the energy and succumb to the gritty, cryptic psychedelic doom Scepter of Eligos channels from the stage.

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