Magnum- Dance of the Black Tattoo (2021) Album Review

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Magnum-Dance of the Black Tattoo (2021)
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Style: Rock

Track listing:

01. Black Skies (Live) 6:06
02. Freedom Day (Live) 6:20
03. All My Bridges (Live) 4:55
04. On A Storyteller’s Night (Live) 5:09
05. Dance Of The Black Tattoo (Live) 5:53
06. On Christmas Day (Radio Edit) 4:21
07. Born To Be King 5:31
08. Phantom Of Paradise Circus 5:58
09. No God Or Saviour 5:24
10. Your Dreams Won’t Die (Live) 5:44
11. Twelve Men Wise And Just (Live) 6:22
12. Show Me Your Hands (Radio Edit) 3:48
13. Not Forgiven (Radio Edit) 3:38
14. Madman Or Messiah (Radio Edit) 3:41

Magnum is an English hard rock band that formed in the early seventies by Tony Clarkin (guitar, songwriter) and Bob Catley (vocals). Although the band has gone through many lineup changes Catley and Clarkin remain the driving force behind the band.

The band has remained strong and their unique mixture of melodic hard rock still is very relevant even today. The new album is actually a selection of live tracks and radio edits of songs that may be considered harder rock, but still with the use of keyboards and beautifully orchestrated musicianship.

Dance of the Black Tattoo starts off with the guitar-heavy live version of Black Skies. This really spotlights the harder side of Magnum well. Then listeners are treated to a more uplifting song in Freedom Day. This song again is a live version that is played flawlessly.

The album is full of magnificent Magnum mastery and the compilation may even introduce a newer crowd to a collection of songs they may never have searched out themselves. Hardcore fans may wonder why some songs weren’t included, while others may look at Dance of the Black Tattoo as a great addition to the Magnum library.

These songs may not be for everyone, but one thing is for sure, Magnum is still full of grit, grind, and great music.

Rating: 3.9 Black Tattoos out of 5

Album and LP out now

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