Chicago Doom Institution THE SKULL Releases New Video for “As The Sun Draws Near”!

Chicago-based doom metal legends THE SKULL has dropped a new video for the track, “As The Sun Draws Near.” The band is comprised of a couple of former members of the other Chicago doom metal legends, Trouble – Frontman Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner. The track is off of their latest album, The Endless Road Turns Dark on Tee Pee Records.

Frontman Wagner has this to say about the track, “As the Sun Draws Near” to [him] is about the one thing that no one can live without … hope.” He goes on to hint that, “perhaps [this track is] a segue to the next album.”

“As the Sun Draws Near,” says Ron Holzer is “a musical collaboration between Lothar Keller and myself that starts with a part I wrote and played for my cat Sparkey every morning. He liked it and stayed calm listening to it. He was a good judge of real Metal and Doom. I couldn’t slide anything shitty past him. If I did . . . He would go out and kill something, drag it into the house disapprovingly and leave it on the door mat, then walk away. He kept me on my toes!” Holzer continues: “The end part is a nod to my bud Kirk Weinstein (Crowbar). 2 Cool Cats.”

“‘As the Sun Draws Near’ was a fun video for us to make,” says Lothar Kellar. “I love performance videos and I feel that this one really helps feature the band in its current line up. I wanna give thanks to Raymond Moffat for his fantastic camera work and to Dave Hornyak for the venue to shoot this.”

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