Featured Band – GRAVFRAKTAL

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new feature for the site. We would like to showcase a different heavy metal band as often as possible that fans might not be aware of that we believe you might like.

We would like to spotlight great bands that might not be as in the public eye as say, bands like Metallica or Judas Priest. Bands deserving of recognition that might need some help. Young bands, veteran bands, and all bands in between. It doesn’t matter the subgenre, whether it’s traditional metal, death, thrash, doom, black, symphonic, power, or whatever type. If we deem a band is worthy of you guys checking them out, they’re in. And we welcome your suggestions too. If you know of bands that would fit the bill, let us know.

January 03, 2021 Featured Band – GRAVFRAKTAL

Gravfraktal are a Swedish death metal band. The band is a trio that was formed a relatively short time ago. They play exceptional death metal and are signed to Iron Bonehead Productions.

The band just recently released their first EP this past December entitled, Unhallowed Death Triumph.

There are so many death metal bands out there that play mediocre music at best, but Gravfraktal are an exception that rise above most. Everything about the band is exceptional from the vocals to the blasting guitar to the production quality. If you’re a fan of extreme metal then you won’t be disappointed with Gravfraktal and their debut EP is only a small taste of what’s surely to come from this band in the future. Read on for a band bio and you can sample one of the tracks off the new EP, enjoy.

Hailing from Sweden, GRAVFRAKTAL might be an otherwise-new entity, but the band’s three members collectively possess a wealth of experience that’s staggering to behold. Among the members’ past and present endeavors include such names as Sacramentum, Pagan Rites, Deathwitch, Swordmaster, Runemagick, Bestial Mockery, The Funeral Orchestra, Kill, Saltas, Diabolicum, Church Bizarre, Heavydeath, Karnarium, and Cerekloth.

However, GRAVFRAKTAL is its own entity, and Unhallowed Death Triumph is as much a statement of intent as it is a summation of the band’s all-too-considerable powers. Indeed, a power-trio in every sense of the word, GRAVFRAKTAL unload an arsenal of physicality that spits in the face of so much cut ‘n’ paste studio “death metal.” Indeed, this is METAL OF DEATH writ large, draped in haunting hues of malevolent melody and bruising battery, grimy and regal in equal measure. Likewise, the band’s sound nods to everyone and no one, so entrenched in their DNA is olde-worlde death metal; after all, among the three of ’em, the members of GRAVFRAKTAL have participated in an enviable number of underground gems over the past 25 years and thus helped shaped the landscape of underground metal. But again, this band is its OWN entity, and this debut recording speaks for itself – commandingly!

Short and definitely very sweet at four songs in 18 minutes, Unhallowed Death Triumph is a mandatory first chapter of GRAVFRAKTAL’s bound-to-be-legendary story!


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