Soilwork- A Wisp of Atlantic EP (2020) Review

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Soilwork- A Wisp of Atlantic EP (2020)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Style: Melodic Death Metal, Heavy Metal


  1. A Whisp Of The Atlantic 16:31
  2. Feverish 5:55
  3. Desperado 3:44
  4. Death Diviner 5:06
  5. The Nothingness And The Devil 5:36

Current band members

Björn “Speed” Strid – vocals
Sven Karlsson – keyboards
Sylvain Coudret – guitars
David Andersson – guitars
Bastian Thusgaard – drums
Rasmus Ehrnborn – bass

1995 saw Swedish natives Björn Strid and Peter Wichers form the band Inferior Breed and would later be known as Soilwork. This melodic death metal band have a steady fan base since their full length release “Steelbath Suicide” was released in 1998.

Fast forward to 2020 and Soilwork have released a collection of five impressive songs with a heavy atmospheric feel. The EP’s total runtime is 37 minutes not one minute should be missed.

Björn’s vocals show strength and also complement the intense music. The best example of this is “The Nothingness And The Devil”, which has elements of Sepultura and Pink Floyd.

Evolving story lines of emotions such as impulse, strength and even isolation are a theme throughout the album . Soilwork has told a creative story with “A Wisp of Atlantic”, one which is well worth a listen and never feels dated. This EP does what it was meant to do, make the listener run through a gambit of emotions, provoking thought and discussion.

Rating 5 out of 5 well thought out stars
Released on Cd, LP and digital December 4, 2020
Soilwork website

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