CD Review: Psychosane – Laws Of Aggression

Artist: Psychosane
Title: Laws Of Aggression
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: September 30th 2019
Label: self-released

Brazilian Thrash heads PSYCHOSANE hail from Ribeirão Prêto, São Paulo and they sound mighty pissed to be honest. PSYCHOSANE were formed in 2013 and they have a single and this fine EP under the belt as of now. It’s no big news that living in Brazil is not the easiest life to live, the better when a band emerges and chooses music as their outlet to express their anger and despair. PSYCHOSANE play melodic Thrash Metal with hints of US Metal when it comes to playing rough and melodic at the same time. Some of the material reminds me of bands like ANNIHILATOR in one moment and ICED EARTH in the next. Staccato riffing, ruthless vocals and galloping uptempo structures show PSYCHOSANE from their best side. Marcelo Seabra does his best to sound like the love-child of Tom Araya and Chuck Billy (well fucking done mate). Robertto Jean on Drums and Leonardo Balaban on Bass are the frame that Seabra and Heuler Schivo (Guitars) need to unfold their musicality and melody without zoning out.

Conclusion: this sounds like tripping over the edge of sanity and into full blown punch-your-face-in madness. Music to overthrow a dictatorship to.

Rating: 8 / 10



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