Review: Vexing Hex – Red Harvest (Single)

Artist: Vexing Hex
Title: Red Harvest (Single)
Genre: Occult Rock
Release Date: November 6th 2020
Label: Wise Blood Records

If you dig the rather soft but extremely melodic approach to the occult, you might want to check out VEXING HEX. The three guys from Central Illinois channel the entertaining properties of GHOST yet are different enough to enchant on another level. When it comes to vocals VEXING HEX is a bit ahead of Tobias Forge and his nameless ghouls. The members of VEXING HEX are theatrical singers that even sang in a Barbershop group together for a while. “Red Harvest” is a nice little spooky song that makes you hungry for the upcoming full-length debut of these occult rocking freaks. Check this out and rejoice for in January the LP will be unchained.

Conclusion: fingers crossed that these guys stay around and give us the next wave of modern occult rock (NwoMOR?)

Rating: 7 / 10


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