Does BIGFOOT Exist in the UK? – Apparently so!

I’ve heard of Bigfoot reports from all over the world, but few from the UK. But we have a recent first-hand sighting from a chap in Box Hill, Surrey, only miles outside of London. Keep reading for more of the reported sighting.

The initial report came from early in December when a runner reported seeing a fat, brown fur-covered creature approach him and then fled back into the forest. The reports were of a muscular man-ape hybrid creature. One of the witnesses shared the report with a local paranormal researcher, Andy McGrath.

Andy McGrath

McGrath was obviously skeptical of the report, never believing in the existence of Bigfoot/Yeti in the UK. While researching the report on site, McGrath had an encounter of his own with the mysterious creature.

At first, he did not notice anything strange, but at some point, he heard something hitting the tree trunk hard. The noise was loud and at the same time seemed from several directions from a distance.

Then the noise stopped, but after 25 minutes it was heard again, and now it was much closer. Then McGrath heard the sound of heavy footsteps, as if something was walking in the thicket, descending a gentle hill. He felt as if he was being watched.

The place where this mysterious creature was seen

“Then I turned back and immediately turned over my right shoulder. And there, about 10 meters away from me, on the right side and a little higher on the steps, stood something that I sincerely consider to be something like a humanoid ape,” says McGrath.

McGrath described the creature as being covered in brownish-grey fur from head to toe. The creature had a domed head with a flat nose and a large jaw. The face was also similar to that of a human.

“The creature stood on two legs, but seemed to hang forward, and its arms were very long, but in proportion to the body. The animal was very densely built: I examined the strong muscles. I’m not sure how tall it was, at least 2 meters, but maybe more.

He stood and looked at me before turning and leaving, but even when he was gone, he looked in my direction. Then I smelled a strong stale smell that usually comes from farm animals. This smell persisted for a long time. ”

Creature seen by McGrath at Box Hill

McGrath stated this encounter completely changed his mind regarding the existence of Bigfoot/Yeti in the UK.

What do you think? Do you believe that Bigfoot could inhabit the UK? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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