Cro-Mags -2020 EP Review

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond
Cro-Mags -2020 (EP)
Label: Mission Two Entertainment
Style: Hardcore, Thrash

01 – Age of Quarantine (4:47)
02 – 2020 (2:41)
03 – Life on Earth (1:46)
04 – Violence and Destruction (3:49)
05 – Chaos in the Streets (2:42)
06 – Cro-Fusion (4:33)
Runtime 18 minutes 58 seconds

Band Members:
Harley Flanagan – Bass/Vocals
Gabby Abularach – Guitars
Rocky George – Guitars
Garry “G-Man” Sullivan – Drums

The Cro-Mags have gone through many lineup changes over the decades, 2020 was the year they were poised to burst back on the scene and head out on the road, and tour to support “In the beginning” (released earlier in 2020). Those plans were put to a halt thanks to a global pandemic. During the months that followed many different things occurred, civil unrest, countless deaths from a new virus, and many other situations that are all embodied in the new 2020 EP.

Harley Flanagan and the gang took all the negative happenings of the world around them and put them into six songs of pure fury and disdain for the months that have followed their full-length release. 2020 EP expresses what the people of the world are going through (and continue to go through).

The lead-off track “Age of Quarantine” is a powerful anthem that all races and ages can relate to. This thrash-eque classic is followed by the track “2020” which opens a pit of discontent and smashes listeners in the face with melodic guitar riffs and damaging drums. All the tracks aren’t just thrashing “Life on Earth” and “Chaos in the streets” revisit a hardcore feel. These songs are full of musical diversity, something that the band encapsulates perfectly. Emotions change daily due to the ongoing pandemic, so should the music we listen to

Cro-Mags “2020” EP isn’t going to change/cure the problems in the world, but it does give every listener an outlet to release anxiety. The final song “Cro-Fusion” is laid back musically, hinting that the coming year 2021 will give us all some relief, but if it doesn’t rest assured the Cro-Mags will be back and ready to capture the year in song, and to this I say, bring on 2021!

Rating: 5 thrashing flailing fists out of 5

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