Single Review: Canyon – Keep me Waiting

Artist: Canyon
Title: Keep me Waiting
Genre: Alternative Rock/Stoner
Release Date: November 27th 2020
Label: self-released

Sometimes it is pretty hard to pinpoint the place, time and genre of a band just due to the sheer mass of influences. CANYON is no difference, on top of the Alternative Rock/Stoner labels they have put on their music I must say that I got a strong feel that this is also Grunge inspired (in the best possible way). The guitars scream Stoner right from the start but Alex Duin’s voice has something special about it that reminds me of the 90’s and long haired guys dressed in plaid flannel shirts. It brings back memories that, as I now finally realize, hold dear. Memories that link me to a past that was sometimes sad and lonely (I was a teen) but memories that are better than this shit-show of a year. The 90’s were a good place mostly if I am honest with myself. So, thanks for that CANYON! Musically this is really more than decent, the melody paired with the vocals and guitar harmonies really fit quite well for a single. I can see a video for that song when I close my eyes listening, well done guys!

Conclusion: check out CANYON and enjoy these 6:24 Minutes.

Rating: 8/ 10


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