Canadian DM Band DUSKWALKER Drop Video for H.P. Lovecraft Inspired “The Crawling Tongue”!

Ontario, Canada’s death metal unit DUSKWALKER has dropped a new music video that’s inspired by H.P. Lovecraft – “The Crawling Tongue”. The track is cut from their latest album, All They Know Is Fear via CDN Records. You can check out the video and get more information about the band down below.

From The Press Release

The members of Ontario’s Duskwalker have been making their rounds in the underground metal scene for decades and their efforts culminated in the current form in 2015. Having originally started with the sole purpose of being a money-making cover band, things took a heavier turn when they morphed into a kickass metal band.

They released a full-length “Codex Mystirium” in 2016 under the name The Offering and traveled extensively to promote it, however, due to another band with the same name they took the name of one of their songs. In 2019, under the name Duskwalker, they released “All They Know Is Fear” via CDN Records. They released the video for the single “Shadowcreeper” via Decibel Magazine and also won the 2019 Niagara Music Award for Best Heavy Metal Group. 

A heavy throwback yet modern, Duskwalker‘s album “All They Know Is Fear” as a whole is made to be enjoyed from beginning to end with carefully arranged songs that provide a well-rounded listening experience. It is a monstrous sophomore album with themes of myth, conspiracy, and horror, showing that Duskwalker have conjured a diverse mix of extreme metal that’s recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Carcass, and Pantera.

Today, the band shares their next music video for their track “The Crawling Tongue”. The song is about the H.P. Lovecraft character Nyarlothtep along with featuring super heavy riffs and vocals that sound really pissed off akin to Morbid Angel and Pantera mixed together. The band explains the track:

“We want it to take the listener somewhere dark. We have forged traditional metal, old school death, and thrash. Genres are blended creating a visceral assault that stands out from song to song with a dose of atmosphere and darkness.”

Watch “The Crawling Tongue” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Duskwalker‘s latest album “All They Know Is Fear” is available on CDNRecordsApple MusicSpotifyAmazon.

Music Video – Shadowcreeper – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. The Return (1:58)
2. Dimensional Collision (4:13)
3. The Crawling Tongue (5:20)
4. Madness Unleashed (4:57)
5. Dyatlov Pass (5:58)
6. Shadowcreeper (3:58)
7. Bielek (3:50)
8. Domus Volant Noctuae (2:18)
9. The Crushing Weight Of Guilt (5:19)
10. Masters Of Vril (7:04)
11. Ripping Terror (3:43)
Album Length: 48:41

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Joey Scaringi – Vocals
John Robinson – Guitars
Cale Costello – Drums
Matt Grabon – Bass / Vocals

More info: 

Formed in 2015 In Niagara Falls, Canada. Duskwalker combines traditional heavy metal and death metal with atmospheric passages. Comprised of Niagara’s lifer metal musicians, they released their debut “Codex Mystirium“ in 2016. In November of 2019, Duskwalker released their sophomore album “All They Know Is Fear“ Distributed by CDN Records. The band won The Niagara Music Award for Best Heavy Metal Group in 2019 and 2020.

– 30 – 

“After drummer Cale Costello summons listeners with a lethal drum roll, the song (Shadowcreeper) quickly lunges for the kill. Vocalist Joey Scaringi’s rasped snarls and growls accompany blastbeats until the mid-song breakdowns syncopate with the Shadowcreeper’s violent pursuit. Once guitarist John Robinson’s sharpened solo starts stabbing, the finale seems written in blood. There’s no happy ending here, just melodic death metal that balances brutality and infectious grooves.” – Decibel Magazine

“Your neck is going to hurt after giving these guys a spin. DUSKWALKER evoke a pure metal spirit that hones a modern groove into a heavier and darker place where all they know is fear! Their tunes pick and pull accents of influence from a wide spectrum but overall stay true to a highly accessible and aggressive metal barrage. Every song on the album is different but shades of Dethklok, Carcass, Pantera, Amon Amarth, Revocation, and Nile can be felt in the shadows around every turn. “All They Know Is Fear” proves to be one hell of a ride, in which I’m sure will resonate a diverse group of metalheads. Crank this up loud and apologies in advance for tomorrow’s neck pain! 8/10” – Blessed Altar Zine

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