CD Review: Unsilence – A Fire on the Sea



Artist: Unsilence
Title: A Fire on the Sea
Genre: Melodic Doom
Release Date: July 7th 2014
Label: Nine Records

I am always happy to further educate myself on subgenres I love, so a new doom band to explore is pretty neat. UNSILENCE hail from the UK and these guys are around for quite some time now, formed in 1993 they got three Demos, two EPs and two full-length outputs under their belt. UNSILENCE are very melodic and they play the true doom doctrine: dark, spheric, sometimes with soaring vocals that fly high above the rest of the musical endeavour. The vocals are clearly mixed into the front but it is done in a way that is unintrusive and feels organic. Somehow the vocals of James Kilmurray remind me of Gregorian chants every here and there (adds the crucial bit of identity that a good band needs). “Unchained” especially plays on that Gregorian monk style of vocals (at least in my mind). I sure hope that we hear of the guys again soon, I need my doom served like this!

Conclusion: if you think you heard it all check out UNSILENCE!

Rating: 8 / 10


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