CD Review: Soul Theft – Soul Theft

Artist: Soul Theft
Title: Soul Theft
Genre: Doom Metal/ Psychedelic
Release Date: December 16th 2020
Label: self-released

Sometimes in my capacity as a writer/music ”journalist” or blogger people write me emails,often without checking what kind of music I review or what my style of writing is like. SOUL THEFT are not guilty of doing this (or they had a lucky guess). I will always check you out if you play Doom, it is as easy as that. The music of SOUL THEFT is hard to grasp and categorize at first, it is Doom and it is artsy and kinda psychedelic. To put I bluntly: the music is not easy to digest, especially “Purpose” is a bit hectic and chaotic but still you realize that these guys do have skills. Need more intel?

To put it in the bands words: The band was formed back in 2016 when Lior, a Dutch doom head and Harmen, a Viking bass player met a Finnish weirdo (me), who was actually into punk. But it was alright, since our personalities and shoe styles matched perfectly and there was good chemistry in the rehearsal room.

Our music appears quite dark, heavy and psychedelic at times, which is probably an accurate description of us as persons.

The music of SOUL THEFT is definitely something to take your time with and try to wrap your head around.

Conclusion: MASTODON meets Doom meets a bit of Death growls here and there, check it out

Rating: 6 / 10


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