Review: Markgraf – Markgraf

Artist: Markgraf
Title: Markgraf
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: December 21th 2020
Label: self-released

There have been less than a handful of times I said yes to review a black metal band but a black metal band that sound like CIRITH UNGOL infected with the dark lord’s mindset? That is an approach I could not resist. Jeff, the bass-man, contacted me via Facebook and now I am sitting here listening to something hungry and dark trying to enter my mind through my headphones enclosed ears. Guitar playing Vocalist Ódio sounds like a mix of KING DIAMOND and Tim Baker (CIRITH UNGOL). The drums are operated by a dude flowery named Commander of Sonic Noise Warfare, while the bass is played by Jeff Himself. It’s funny that the song-titles are all German while all the lyrics are English (Jeff mentioned that the vocals and Ódio’s voice just sound more kick-ass in English). While I will not become a fan of Black Metal in the foreseeable future I find this raw and crazy melange of styles and subgenres somewhat charming and can wholeheartedly recommend to check these guys out

Conclusion: if every Black Metal band would add something to the mix like MARKGRAF does I might check out more of this part of the scene.

Rating: 7 / 10


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