METALOBOS To Release New Album, ‘The Grand Splendour Of Death’ this December!

Mexican melodic death-doom band METALOBOS are set to release their new full-length album, The Grand Splendour Of Death! The album will be released on December 4th via Concreto Records. You can get more details on the album and sample one of the album tracks down below.

From The Press Release

Death is pain, desolation, lost and sorrow; so it is passion, celebration, redemption and relief; and as it is, her grand splendour will surround us all, surrounded will be the paths we wandered, the places that saw us breathe; echoes of our steps and words will prevail, but we will not be anymore.

Matalobos presents this 2020 their most ambicious work to date, a musical and conceptual representation of the vast faces of Death, in a ensemble of 7 tracks ghoulish arranged from the bottom of their rotten souls, all of this under the title: “THE GRAND SPLENDOUR OF DEATH”.

This album will be proudly released on December 4th, 2020 by Concreto Records (Mexican edition). Consequent foreign editions will be announced soon.

“THE GRAND SPLENDOUR OF DEATH” was recorded and mixed by Rubén Sánchez (Vst, Dark Matter) at Urvn Studios, León, Mexico, during july and august 2020,

Produced by Rubén and Matalobos.

Later mastered in Stockholm by Jari Lindholm (Enshine, Exgenesis, exAtoma, exSlumber), giving a magnificent enhancement to album’s final sound.

Visually this work reflects a not conventional representation of that entity in charge of carrying the souls to their last journey in this plane.

Cover art authorship belongs to maestre Manolo González Zavala, presenting a gloomy horrific figure, almost unrecognizable that in his hands holds life itself, fragile, ominous and putrid.

TGSOD tracklist:

-Ignis Spiritus Morte
-Forlorn Hope
-De Fantasmas y Lamentos
-Swallowed by the Earth
-Monuments of Death
-The Midnight Caller



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