CD Review: Vandrer – Vandrer

Artist: Vandrer
Title: Vandrer
Genre: Doom/Instrumental
Release Date: September 17th 2020
Label: self-released

As most of you know I rarely review instrumental music because I always wait for vocals to happen and this is strange. Sometimes, like today, I try to do it anyway. Ole Hell (SHEPHERD’S CROOK) contacted me via Instagram (after we followed each other, because of mutual interests and cool visuals) and asked me if I would be interested to give this a shot and I said I am. The good thing with instrumental Doom is that there is no vocalist who can fuck up the vocals, there are many doom bands that sound amazing until the singer starts to sing. VANDRER is really heavy and vicious stuff, like tar dripping out of your speakers, alive, hungry but slow as fuck. Doom always got that atmosphere of being lost, isolated yet it can be comfortingly melancholic. VANDRER whispers in your ear, enchanting, dark, and deep. Ole did a hell of a job in composing, playing, and recording all this. My personal favorite of this album is “Light Trap” it doesn’t need any vocals to show you what it is, very chill and deep with riffs that seem to last millions of years and a guitar-solo breaking through the surface in the third act.

Conclusion: check this out and tell me about it

Rating: 7 / 10


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