Check out the official trailer for the upcoming indie horror film, THE ABOMINATIONS OF FRANKENSTEIN! The film stars and is directed by young filmmaker Sébastien Godin. Take a look at the trailer & artwork and get more information about the film down below after the break.

From The Press Release

Plot: Having found a way to survive throughout the centuries, the depraved Baron Heinrich Von Frankenstein (Anthony D.P. Mann, Terror of Dracula, Return to Frightenstein) and his murderous assistant Clerval (Vicki Bitis, Blood Rites of the Vampyr) are on a bloody quest to continue their mad experiments. Haunted by his monstrous past and tormented by the spiteful ghost of Mary Shelley herself (Melissa Radford, Bleak December’s The Wicker Man), Frankenstein is about to unleash his abomination upon the world!

A stylish, blood-soaked perversion of the classic story, taking cues from the works of Jess Franco and Andy Milligan.

Also starring Sébastien Godin (who also directs) along with Steve Kasan (Lifechanger) and Ali Chappell (Necropolis: Legion).

Directed by Sébastien Godin.

Written by Sébastien Godin and Anthony D.P. Mann.

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