Raven-Metal City (2020) Album Review

Raven has influenced everyone from Metallica to Slayer.

Reviewed Via digital download by Chris Hammond

Raven-Metal City (2020)
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Style: Thrash, Heavy, Athletic Rock

Band Members:
John Gallagher – Vocals, Bass
Mark Gallagher – Guitars
Mike Heller – Drums


  1. The Power 3:53
  2. Top of the Mountain 3:36
  3. Human Race 3:59
  4. Metal City 3:27
  5. Battlescarred 4:45
  6. Cybertron 3:24
  7. Motorheadin’ 2:42
  8. Not So Easy 3:09
  9. Break 3:39
  10. When Worlds Collide 6:15
    Runtime 36:49

Raven has been a mainstay in the heavy metal community since John and Mark Gallagher formed the band in 1974. Part of the new wave of British Heavy metal bands, this band has influenced everyone from Metallica to Slayer.

Although the band doesn’t have the notoriety of the “Big Four”, they have stayed true to their sound and tour to sold-out crowds of rabid fans. On Metal City (their 14-studio album) the band still sounds relevant and more powerful than ever.

Now a Trio the Gallagher brothers and Drummer Mike Heller rock solidly through 10 tracks of upbeat heavy metal tunes. The lead track “The Power” best describes what you will hear throughout each and every tune. John’s vocals are steady, clear, powerful, everything you want in a band that is nearing their 47th year of existence. Mark and Mike’s instrument playing compliment the vocals on each song to the fullest, this trio of musicians are here to rock and rock hard they do.

This album doesn’t have one weak element, even the cover art is thrilling. Metal City is an album to throw on and just forget the everyday hassles, it is fun, loud, and very upbeat (emo’s need not apply).

This year has been amazing for British rock, namely Raven and Atkins May Project, both albums that are must-haves from some tried and true rockers.
these two albums have a very different feel but score 5/5 on thrashing the listener’s socks off and that’s everything you can ask from any artist these days.

Available now in many formats including digital and CD.
For more information on Raven check out these links
Websites: ravenlunatics.com | facebook.com/ravenbandofficial
Score 5/5

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