CD Review: Goat Bong – Exultations of Pain &Suffering

Artist: Goat Bong
Title: Exultations of Pain & Suffering
Genre: Stoner Metal
Release Date: October 31st 2020
Label: self-released

Nostradamus predicted the world to end in 2012, Dirty Mike Alcala formed GOAT BONG…where is the link? The world didn’t end as far as I know but who am I to criticize a dude named after a JUDAS PRIEST record? Anyhow, this is GOAT BONG’S third EP (yeah there’s two LPs too) and I must say that Stoner Metal does not do the sound of Dirty Mike justice. GOAT BONG play synth fuelled Stoner Doom influenced by Horror soundtracks. Awesome vocals that are rather fitting an 80’s Heavy Metal band, compositions that use Hammond organ sounds to sound extra theatrical and an overall sound that confuses as much as it amazes. GOAT BONG is a band that is so much better than it’s rather strange name. This is, by the way, the first output of GOAT BONG that actually features vocals and the surprise is there are six singers that share vocal duty. I don’t know who to highlight here because as different as the vocals are from song to song, they are all really dope. The riffs provided by Dirty mike are fitting excellent to the extravagant melodies and complex structures and the drums are quite good too. Only downside is: I can’t make out the bass sound but that is a common problem nowadays.

Conclusion: Check out “Death Knell” Jimmy Espinoza on vocals is the personification of a lament, this song is pure old-school Doom.

Rating: 7 / 10


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