Ghøstkid – Ghøstkid -Album review (2020)

Review by Chris Hammond

Ghøstkid – Ghøstkid (2020)
Label: Napalm Records, Century Media
Style: Metalcore, Heavy Metal


  1. Føøl 4:24
  2. Start A Fight 3:55
  3. Sharks 3:51
  4. Drty 3:31
  5. This Is Nøt Høllywøød (Feat. Timi Hendrix) 3:54
  6. Yøu &Amp; I 4:22
  7. Supernøva (Feat. Marcus Bischoff) 3:47
  8. Crøwn (Feat.Mille Petrozza) 3:34
  9. Cøld Wørld 3:38
  10. Zerø 3:34
  11. This Is Nøt Høllywøød (Feat. Johnny 3 Tears) 3:55
    Runtime 39:45

After parting ways with former Metalcore band (Eskimo Callboy) Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler has let his new alter ego explore a heavier sound with his new solo-band project called Ghøstkid. The first thing that becomes apparent from the opening track Føøl is that this project is much more diverse in sound and a welcome progression from what Biesler has been doing for the last decade. With less of a mainstream appetite, these Sushi-stylings will appeal to the more industrial and metalcore fanbase.

Songs like Start A Fight and Zero fill your earholes with boatloads of aggressive beats that will leave you stomping and moshing around. Are there slower songs, no not really the closes one would have to be Cøld Wørld . This particular one features piano and a softer vocal style, probably the most mainstream radio-friendly song on the album.

The guest appearances by artists Marcus Bischoff (Heaven Shall Burn), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Johnny 3 Tears (Hollywood Undead), and Timi Hendrix (Rapper) only add to an already stellar debut release, one of the best during 2020. As the album art suggests, this release has teeth that really bite.

5 out of 5
Album available now in Many formats

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