Cauldron Films To Release 4K Restorations of – THE CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT and BEYOND TERROR!

Cauldron Films has announced they will be releasing new 4K Restorations on Blu-ray of the horror films, THE CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT and BEYOND TERROR. These discs are available for pre-order now and will be released on January 12th. Get more details including specs and more down below.

From Cauldron Films

The Crimes of the Black Cat (Limited Blu-ray/CD set w/ Slipcase)

9 Lives Fueled by Murder !

A mysterious murder and a strange, hushed conversation lead a blind musician into the path of a vicious killer in Sergio Pastore’s sleazy 1972 giallo: The Crimes of the Black Cat! 

After a young model seemingly dies of a heart attack, her lover, Peter Oliver (Anthony Steffen, The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave, Django the Bastard) and his butler begin their own investigation into the death and soon find an intertwined series of murders, all involving a cat and a yellow shawl. One step ahead of the police, but always right behind the killer, Peter manages to piece together clue after clue until the final, shocking showdown with the bloodthirsty killer.  

Released in the shadows of Dario Argento’s wildly successful The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (and one of over 30 Italian giallo films produced in 1972), The Crimes of the Black Cat  delivers the style of a classic giallo with sleazy, over the top violence that rivals Italian films from a decade later. Despite its pedigree of  talent including  Sylva Koscina (Lisa and the Devil), Renato De Carmine (Challenge to White Fang), Giacomo Rossi Stuart (Death Smiles at a Murderer, Shanghai Joe), Umberto Raho (Amuck, Summertime Killer), and Annabella Incontrera (The Case of the Blood Iris), an eerie score by Manuel De Sica (Dellamorte Dellamore), and behind the scenes work from Fabrizio De Angelis (producer of Zombie, The Beyond) The Crimes of the Black Cat has been largely ignored on home video. Previously unavailable in HD or in the proper aspect ratio, The Crimes of the Black Cat makes its worldwide Blu-Ray debut with an uncut 4K restoration via Cauldron Films.

  • Remembering Sergio Pastore – Interview with Sara Pastore 
  • Sergio Pastore – Un Ammirevole Indipendente
  • Commentary by Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson
  • Commentary track with Fragments of Fear – A Giallo Podcast with Peter Jilmstad and Rachael Nisbet
  • Trailer
  • Image Gallery
  • English audio
  • Italian audio
  • English subtitles
  • Optional English SDH subtitles
  • 2.35:1  aspect ratio
  • Uncut 4K restoration from 35mm archival materials
  • CD soundtrack with music by Manuel De Sica (limited edition only)
  • Reverse Blu-ray wrap featuring Italian poster art
  • Double sided mini lobby card reproductions (limited edition only)
  • High quality side loaded slipcase with artwork by Eric Adrian Lee (limited edition only)
  • Limited to 1800 copies

    A.K.A. Sette scialli di seta gialla, Seven Shawls of Yellow Silk1972 / Italy / Giallo / Director – Sergio Pastore

Beyond Terror (Limited Blu-ray w/ Slipcase)

Beyond Terror

Their Nightmare Was Further than Fear… It was BEYOND TERROR !

After a drug-fueled night of  violence, a group of young degenerates and their hostages find themselves stranded in a remote, abandoned church in rural Spain. Their evening of debauchery and blasphemy quickly turns to greed when they discover a local legend that tells of a vast fortune guarded by mummies in the catacombs beneath the ruins. Their lust for the treasure is short-lived as they find that the supernatural horror in the catacombs is something further than fear… it is Beyond Terror!

Beyond Terror (Más allá del terror) is a lost gem that is long overdue for rediscovery. Never available on home video in the United States, Beyond Terror makes its worldwide Blu-ray debut from Cauldron Films with a brand new 4K scan from the camera negative that has been restored to its original grim glory. Co-written by Juan Piquer Simón (Pieces, Slugs), this early ‘80s hybrid unfolds like an homage to Amando de Ossorio’s Tombs of the Blind Dead, by way of Mario Bava’s Rabid Dogs, with a healthy dose of violence, gore, sex, eerie crypts and supernatural revenge!

  • Commentary by Film Historan Kat Ellinger
  • Image gallery with soundtrack
  • Spanish audio
  • English subtitles
  • 4K restoration from the original negative
  • Mini press book reproduction booklet including writings about the film by Scott Carlson (limited edition only)
  • Double sided mini lobby card reproductions (limited edition only)
  • High quality side loaded slipcase (limited edition only)
  • Reverse Blu-ray wrap featuring the original Spanish title and poster art
  • Limited to 1800 copies

A.K.A. Más allá del terror, Further Than Fear, Terrorgang

1980 / Spain / Horror / Director – Tomás Aznar

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