CD Review: Man Machine Industry – Doomsday Clock

Artist: Man Machine Industry
Title: Doomsday Clock
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal
Release Date: February 14th 2020
Label: GMR Music Group

Just recently I posted a thread regarding the best of 2020 list I am doing in November, MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY contacted me to check out their current release “Doomsday Clock” and, of course I was hooked (not a naysayer when it comes to metal). Some may know MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY from their appearance in the PS3/X-Box game “The Darkness”. “Doomsday Clock” is the bands third release. I would describe the sound as very similar to the US Metal style, Heavy yet always bordering on Thrash with little hints to their more Industrial influenced past. Vocalist J.B is first and foremost a guitar-player and drummer so the solid vocals are not the prime selling point here, it’s the total package of rawness, melodic catchy tunes like “River turned Red” and the precise playing of J.B on Guitar, Perreau on drums (he is a death metal drummer trapped in the body of a thrash metal drummer), Sevebo on bass (thickening the guitar riffs with his axe) and Lund on lead guitar (providing riffs, lots of riffs). If you know J.B from SLAPDASH or ROSICRUCIAN you might want to check in on MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY.

Conclusion: “Age of the Doomsday Clock” features vocals by Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T) and this one rips hard as fuck. Check this out!

Rating: 7/ 10


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