Spanish Horror Classic BLOOD CEREMONY Making Its Way To Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro!

Mondo Macabro has announced they will be releasing the Spanish horror classic BLOOD CEREMONY on Blu-ray. The disc will include two versions of the film, including the uncut international version. Get more information on the announcement down below.

From Mondo Macabro on Facebook:

Some good news regarding our release of Jorge Grau’s Spanish Horror Classic BLOOD CEREMONY!

It’s been our intention all along to include the full uncut international release of this film alongside the Spanish cut. However, initially the licensor was only able to supply the latter, putting us on the hunt for good film materials for the former.

It took almost TWO YEARS but FINALLY we were able to discover a fully uncut pristine film print of the international version! And we are happy to announce that indeed both cuts of this film will be available on our upcoming Blu-ray release! The full specs will be unveiled in the final days leading up to the pre-order going live.

Speaking of that pre-order, because this search took a bit longer than we expected, the production on this disc had to be delayed. Therefore it looks increasingly like the wait period between the pre-order and eventual delivery will be longer than we would like. We may even have to delay it till very early next year. Not something we are happy about, but there’s not much we can do.

More info TBA when the pre-order for this one and for QUEENS OF EVIL and [REDACTED] go live on Thursday, October 29th at 9 AM Pacific/12 noon Eastern at

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