Review: Let it Snow (2020)

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Director: Stanislav Kapralov
Writers: Stanislav Kapralov, Omri Rose
Stars: Ivanna Sakhno, Alex Hafner, Tinatin Dalakishvili

The story is a simple one, a couple goes on vacation at a European ski resort. The receptionist warns the couple about a trail that unexplained deaths happen on. They don’t put too much thought into the warnings and once on the hill, they explore a hidden trail. Things go wrong immediately, both Mia (Ivanna Sakhno) and Max (Alex Hafner) get separated from each other. Things get worse for Mia as a unknown masked snowmobile rider is also now stalking her. Mia must brave the harsh climate while also trying to locate Max and avoid the masked rider’s vicious attacks.

Actress Ivanna Sakhno does a superb job as the lead actress. She has the bulk of the acting duties on her shoulders. Sakhno does not disappoint, her pained expression and believable anxiety of being stuck alone while also being stalked really engages viewers. The harsh cold climates helped to make those “I’m so cold” shivers more believable and it helps the film throughout.

The cinematography and stunt coordinators did an amazing job of keeping the audience in this fictional world. Snow-capped mountains isolate the viewers. The cinematographer added much value to the storytelling and thus make it feel very real to life. Snowboard and fight scene stunts are well done. They are intense and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The film isn’t without fault though. Flashback scenes interrupt the flow of the film and take away from the intensity of Mia’s plight. The use of flashbacks help to evolve the storyline, thus evoke viewers to invest in the film and its characters. The problem with the ones used in Let it Snow is that they throw off the flow of the film.

The score of the film helps to build anticipation and when used adds a lot of value to the viewing experience. It takes a back seat to what action is going on in the film.

There are also a few plot holes in Let it Snow the most glaring one is that the story takes place over three days. This means Mia is out in the freezing climate conditions most of this time. If this was a real event, Mia would have perished due to the extreme temperatures.

Let it Snow
is a great film to view with the lights down low. The film has three very strong acts, thus making it a very enjoyable viewing experience.

4 out of 5 stars.

Out now on VOD and DVD
Let it Snow(2020) Imdb

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