Review: Ambassadors of the Sun – Orbiting a Dead Star

Artist: Ambassadors of the Sun
Title: Orbiting a Dead Star
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Progressive
Release Date: July 10th 2020
Label: self-released

Sweet home Farlun…right? NO? Sorry I am knee-deep in this Swedish Rock music again. AMBASSADORS OF THE SUN are, of course from Farlun, Sweden and, of course, they know what they are doing. This is partly retro-oriented 70`s worshipping Heavy Metal with hints of progressive music and parts groove Metal (even moments of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-flavour. Nordin on vocals is rad as fuck, in one moment sounding like Ozzy and like a Thrash shouter in the next. This is , once again, really mixed when it comes to sound and obvious influences, the album starts quite mellow only to later transform into a more rough sounding band, while all the time sounding complex due to the brilliant instrumental execution. If you like a organic mix of Progressive Metal, Thrash, Retro-Rock and even Grunge (“The Masochist”). If you desperately need something that embodies the antithesis to musical boredom you should check out AMBASSADORS OF THE SUN.

Conclusion: Check this out, trust me!

Rating: 8 / 10


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