Review: Shardana – Milli Annos

Artist: Shardana
Title: Milli Annos
Genre: Epic Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal
Release Date: October 9th 2020
Label: Rafchild Records

As I sit here I wonder if the first times ever end in this profession of mine, never heard or reviewed a band that hailed from Sardinia before but this is going to change now. SHARDANA from Cagliari, Sardinia play a fierce, neck-breaking mixture of Thrash, Black and Epic Metal with hints of Folk. They sing in both English and their own native Sardinian dialect (which sound refreshingly interesting). SHARDANA was formed in 2008 and “Milli Annos” is their second full-length album to date. The main lyrical themes are Sardinian History and folklore. The band is hard to categorize in a precise way because they unite influences from such different subgenres, but that is exactly what makes SHARDANA stand out among the hundreds of releases that hit us writers weekly. Aaron Tolu`s voice is a versatile and impressing tool, there are classic metal parts in which he sings, there are thrash parts with shouts and there are parts that are growled (every aspect of this is on a very good level)

Conclusion: Check out “Echoes” and “A World with No Gods” to form an opinion of SHARDANA, I dig it

Rating: 8 / 10


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