CD Review: Hateflames – Tomorrow Erased

Artist: Hateflames
Title: Tomorrow Erased
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Thrash
Release Date: March 26th 2019
Label: Self – Released

It makes no sense to bring owls into Athens but it is always good to bring Athenian Metal to me! HATEFLAMES are a good example for metal from Greece that is totally worth checking out, formed in June 2016 by Mike Dervos (Guitars) and Haris Zourgras (Drums) these guys soon started to play a few gigs to forge their very own brand of steel. The five-piece already had the chance to support bands like: RIOT, TOKYO BLADE and DOMINE. This LP I am reviewing now was finished in late 2018. HATEFLAMES play a rather interesting mix of styles for a Greek band. Most European bands I reviewed to this point played Power Metal or Thrash, well HATEFLAMES are an awesome organic mix of European imprinted Power Metal with more than a few nods to US Metal and Thrash Metal. Vag Papaiakos on vocals is a perfect addition to the already heavy as fuck sound of the band , he can hit very high notes or just use his lower register (both is awesome). The guitars are both melodic and heavy when it fits into the narrative and both drums and bass serve as pacemaker and musical guidepost. HATEFLAMES mention that they are influenced by bands like: MEGADETH, MANOWAR and ICED EARTH among others, they sure mix Thrash and Power Metal like ICED EARTH but the vocals remind me more of bands like RIOT or SANCTUARY (doesn’t matter it is great fun). My Favourite is “Children Of The Crucifix”, a metal ballad with awesome vocals.

Conclusion: Check this debut out as soon as possible , this is a banger!

Rating: 8 / 10


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