CD Review: BS Bone – Inside Insanity

Artist: BS Bone
Title: Inside Insanity
Genre: Stoner Rock/ Punk Rock
Release Date: 31st October 2019
Label: Self – Released


Ah Bella Italia, once again! Lately I get a lot of stuff from Italy. I get Power Metal, Doom, Death Metal etc, but one thing all these bands and artists have in common: The contact is always really nice! BS BONE had to ask me more than once to get reviewed, because I have so much stuff in my inbox that I forgot about the review (I fucked up, yeah). But hey, here we are aren’t we? These guys are around since 2017and this EP “Inside Insanity” is their first recorded sign of life as far as I know. The first thing I quickly realize is that I would label the music of BS BONE totally different than they do themselves. VS BONE describe their sound as a mix of Alternative, Hard Rock, Stoner and Metal but I would say the influence they tend to forget is punk. Vyper`s vocals are one hundred percent Punk, he constantly sounds snotty, careless and kind of pissed. I am not a big fan of Punk, to be honest I am no fan at all but if you dig the Punk attitude this band is for you!

Conclusion: not my cup of tea but I am not an expert when It comes to Alternative and Punk so you better check these guys yourself.

Rating: 5 / 10


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