Paranormal Video – Alleged Shadow Creature Caught on Video in Maine!

A huge interest of mine besides horror and heavy metal of course, is paranormal phenomena. This runs the gamut from unknown creatures, to Sasquatch, UFO’s, hauntings, and the like, which is why you will occasionally see posts on the subject here. I’ve ran across an intriguing video of some type of “alleged” shadow creature, which seems to defy explanation. See what you think below.

The video in question comes by dashcam footage from a motorist in the town of Falmouth, Maine. The video seems to show an unknown and unexplainable, shadowy form of something crossing the road in front of the driver.

The video was posted to a Facebook group called 207 Paranormal, which specializes in reporting accounts of high strangeness in Maine. It was captured on video in early September of 2020. The very creepy creature or whatever it was, was not noticed initially by the driver at the time. The driver came across the “thing” as he/she was going back over the video, looking for a deer that had been spotted earlier in the trip.

Watch the video and see for yourself. Let us know what you think this “thing” might be. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Source: Coast To Coast am

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