CD Review: Volcanova – Radical Waves

Artist: Volcanova
Title: Radical Waves
Genre: Stoner/ Desert Rock
Release Date: 21st of August 2020
Label: The Sign Records

It is a seldom thing to review bands from green energy pioneer country Iceland but here we are with VOLCANOVA! At the moment the band consists of three guys and everyone is singing (even the drummer). The band was formed in 2014, “Radical Waves” is the bands full-length debut. Let us check out what the press text gives to us:

“The band found an infectious groove and togetherness that would be fitting of a band that had been playing for decades rather than years. With all the members of the band being strong vocalists with their own character, whilst also being able to pull of tight three-part harmonies, they can keep the listener engaged when they are rocking and rolling! Uplifting moments with epic guitar solos are underpinned by head banging bass grooves complemented with a tasteful use of cowbell! ”

Yep! These guys sound very very groovy, dry and yeah even infectious (bad timing but true nonetheless) the melodies are highly melodic, the riffs and transitions are a bit psychedelic but firmly rooted in epic heaviness and the vocals just fit the musical narrative no matter which of the guys is in front of the microphone at the moment.

Conclusion: If you like Stoner bands like KYUSS, MONSTER MAGNET and CLUTCH and a few moments of doom float your boat…CHECK THIS OUT!

Rating: 8/ 10


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