Interview: Dreamslain – August 2020

A little while ago Igor Jakobsen of Norways DREAMSLAIN and i agreed to do an interview, here is what came of talking to him and his bandmates….

Schwermetallisch: You guys make music together since 2011, how did that come together?

Igor: Daniel and me met at the local metal club, and discovered we liked much of the same music. It took quite some time to find a third musician that would fit the idea we had for the band, but finally in 2013 Anna joined on keyboards and added elements of classical music to the sound of the band.

Schwermetallisch: What do you think makes Norway and Norwegian bands different to other countries and their musicians?

Igor: There is a great spectre of different musical expression in Norwegian metal. We believe that it is at least partially due to the fact that few bands are full time musicians, and those that are, receive musical grants and support from the government. There is thus less pressure to make music that sells, and a possibility to be creative and create metal as art.Our band, Dreamslain, is a good example of this. Since we all have day jobs, we don’t concern ourselves with the commercial viability of our music.

Schwermetallisch: I don`t travel much, how is living in Norway and what has changed since the Corona Pandemic?

Igor: It’s mostly the same as in Germany, except that by paying more taxes, we get more benefits from the government and municipality, like support for rehearsal rooms for youth musicians, support to concert bookers and touring artists.The biggest change since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic is that there are no concerts being played, and all summer festivals have been canceled. We were supposed to play a few shows in May, but had to reschedule to November.

Schwermetallisch: how would you describe your style of music in a few words?

Igor: We play heavy prog / extreme metal. That is, we bring prog elements into our metal, and metal elements into our prog to create songs with a story and a plot twist.

Schwermetallisch: your line-up seems pretty consistent, what is your secret?

Igor: We take all band decisions together, in a consensus. Therefore we never do something that not everyone is onboard with, and all are content. It is also important for us that we are friends outside of the band and do stuff together.

Schwermetallisch: how successful would you say Dreamslain is?

Igor: We are successful in that we are still playing together and enjoy doing so.

Schwermetallisch: what is the overall goal of your band? money? fame? or just to make music and rock out?

Igor: The goal for Dreamslain right now is to release our first full length album, titled “Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds” and play the songs live. We had hoped to be able to do a few selected shows on the European mainland.

Schwermetallisch: Well, thanks for your time and sincerity Igor!


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