Viral Video of UFO Sighting Over Mexican Highway!

Paranormal phenomena has always been a huge interest of mine and I plan to cover more of these strange occurences as I’m able. This sighting is rare because the video taken of a supposed UFO is fairly clear. Read on to see the video and get more details on this mysterious sighting.

This sighting and video comes from Carlos Arriola and the video was shot on March 27, 2017, in the city of Morelia, in the state of Michoacán in Mexico.

Arriola was lucky enough to be driving down the highway in Morelia, Mexico when he sighted the apparent UFO flying above. He was taking the video with his cell phone as he was driving, which accounts for a couple scenes of bumpy video.

As you can tell by watching the video, the object flies around the sky with comparative ease, almost like it’s floating and there is no sound emanating from the object either. It definitely doesn’t move or look like any conventional aircraft that we’ve seen before. Now, I’m not saying this object is alien in origin, it could be some type of military technology that is top secret stuff, but who’s to say.

I’m never one to jump right on the bandwagon and call something an alien ship just by viewing the video but it definitely is very mysterious. I’m a skeptic at heart until something is proven to me otherwise. That’s not to say I don’t believe we’ve been visited by beings from outer space either.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think it might be in the comment section below. I want to hear from you guys with your thoughts.

Original source: True Blog

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