Paranormal Series WE WANT TO BELIEVE Ep. 3: THE DEMON JAR Now Streaming!

The paranormal series WE WANT TO BELIEVE has debuted the new episode, #3: The Demon Jar. You can read on for more information as to what the new episode is about.

From The Press Release

The next episode in the paranormal series, “We Want To Believe” is out now.  Watch Episode 3: The Demon Jar Part Three: The Room Investigations Part II. 

Synopsis:  Peter, Jason and the team continue their investigation at the allegedly haunted hotel, and evidence begins to present itself. Peter captures a startling voice on the Spirit Box that might tie into a number of incidents at the hotel. And Jason and Sarah pick up what could be a woman’s voice whispering to them in one of the rooms. But is this real evidence of ghostly activity? Or can it be easily explained away?

Watch Episode 3:

WWTB 1: Lead investigator/executive producer Peter Renn interviews a hotel employee.

WWTB 2: Investigator Sarah Jane conducts an EVP session in one of the rooms.

WWTB 3: Lead investigator/executive producer Peter Renn captures a startling voice on the Spirit Box.

WWTB 4: Writer/director/creator Jason Hewlett.

WWTB 5: Investigator Sarah Jane.

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