Chris Alexander’s NECROPOLIS: LEGION – The Director’s Cut to Premiere on Amazon Prime this May!

Filmmaker Chris Alexander (former editor of Fangoria) has made a new psychotic horror film, NECROPOLIS: LEGION – The Director’s Cut, which is a re-imagining of the 1986 film, Necropolis by Empire Pictures. The film is already available on Full Moon Features channel. Now the film is coming to Amazon Prime on May 8th. Get all the details of the release down below.

From The Press Release

Chris Alexander‘s pulp horror fever-dream NECROPOLIS: LEGION will be re-released to Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms on May 8th, 2020 in an alternate “Director’s Cut.”

The film is now streaming on the Full Moon Features channel and app.

About NECROPOLIS: LEGION – The Director’s Cut:
A re-imagining of the 1986 Empire Pictures exploitation movie classic, NECROPOLIS: LEGION tells the tale of the malevolent vampire sorceress Eva (Chappell), whose sexually-charged midnight rituals are interrupted when her vengeful husband (Lopez) murders her, sending her soul to the netherworld. Years later, when occult writer Lisa (Duke) moves into the same haunted farm where Eva was executed, she begins having vivid, perverse dreams and slowly, surely, Eva’s spirit begins taking over the young woman’s mind, using her body as a vessel to return to earth and take Lisa as her unholy bride. Also starring Lynn Lowry (David Cronenberg’s SHIVERS, George Romero’s THE CRAZIES).

Praise for NECROPOLIS: LEGION: Legendary Italian director Lamberto Bava (DEMONS, MACABRE) says the film “feels new, but still reminiscent of classic Italian horror.”

Horror Society says “NECROPOLIS: LEGION is an absolutely gorgeous film that relies on story and content rather than gore and violence.”

Tuesday Night Cigar Club says “NECROPOLIS: LEGION has a sensually arresting atmosphere that kept my eyes glued.”

Creepy Lovely says”The tone of NECROPOLIS: LEGION is a great blend of Italian horror, folk horror, and Euro ’70s exploitation that somehow doesn’t feel like a purposeful throwback. The film is beautifully shot, looks fantastic, and has killer practical effects.”

Watch the new trailer here.

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