Horror Community Comes Together Over Covid-19 With the Help of Slasher App!

We’re all fans of horror and we’re all part of the horror community. It’s a community that I’m proud to be a part of because there are no better people on the face of the planet. In these troubling times we’re all in now there is a wonderful horror app called SLASHER, that’s helping to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety we all are facing. Get all the details right after the break.

From The Press Release

A lot of heart can be found coming from creators in the horror genre during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to provide an escape for those who are facing stress and anxiety during this time.

Members of the online horror community, Slasher, are working to help fans, as well as others who may be interested in entertainment from within the genre. The creator of the Slasher app, Damon Della Greca, has assembled a network of content creators from the horror community, in order to create a list of related content for people to enjoy, such as: movies, books, podcasts, music, and more. This is a cooperative effort with all involved sharing the list of “50+ Things for Horror Fans to Do During a Pandemic” across social media and websites on the internet.

The goal is to help alleviate some of the stress, anxiety, or depression for those who have been affected, possibly with no income right now. These resources can provide days of entertainment as a welcome distraction, in order to offer a bit of relief. The list will continue to grow.

“This is a difficult time for a tremendous number of people. I see many who have lost their jobs and have no money coming in. The most people can do is wait until all businesses can reopen. I understand the kind of pressure that puts on a person. We’re all in this together. Some of us have various things to offer as a form of relief. Even if it’s a podcast or movie as a way to take people’s minds off of things for a little while, it can make a difference.”, said Damon Della Greca.

“50+ Things for Horror Fans to Do During a Pandemic” can be found at: www.slasher.tv/50things


Slasher is the social network dedicated to horror fans & professionals. It has been available since June 2019 on Android & iOS (U.S. & Canada).

Web: https://www.slasher.tv

Facebook: @TheSlasherApp

Instagram: @TheSlasherApp

Twitter: @TheSlasherApp

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