Traitor – Knee Deep In The Dead/Decade Of Revival

Artist: Traitor
Title: Knee-Deep In The Dead/Decade Of Revival
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: April 27th 2018/ December 13th 2019
Label: Violent Creek Records

Album Review

So I thought about doing something new, I will call it: Double the Trouble (two reviews in one).
My first victims for this kind of approach is the German thrash metal band TRAITOR! We met each other on Facebook and quickly concluded that I shall do a write-up of their stuff. Bassist Lorenz Kandolf (TRAITOR, WULFPÄCK) provided me with a USB stick containing two records of TRAITOR and he also provided me with WULFPÄCK`s “War Ain’t Over”. But today is the day for TRAITOR`s last outputs “Knee-Deep In The Dead” and “Decade Of Revival” which is more or less a live record with four new songs on it. The lyrical themes are a mix of movie/videogame-related stuff with historic songs here and there. TRAITOR play a rather wild and rough kind of thrash, hacking and slaying through their songs like Kratos would approach a linear level, Hery and Koch on guitar really fucking rip their listeners a new one, Mozer on drums and vocals clubbers the kit in a way I can not imagine how many drum parts he has to buy over the years and all while croaking and screaming through the song-material as if his well-being depends on maximum vocal rage, Kandolf is slapping the living shit out of his bass thus buffing up the guitar sound. What appeals the most to me are the names of the songs because I am a big nerd myself (Metroid anyone?). Musically this borders on battery (I definitely prefer less harsh vocals) I know the metal community has many subgenres and even subgenres seem to be very diverse but I like my thrash more melodic and less hectic. TRAITOR do have an audience that is crystal clear and the involved musicians are really fucking skilled but it ain’t my cup of tea. I can not pick any fave because of the mid to uptempo structures (to me, who does not dig extreme metal and therefore does not hear the tidbits a fan or musician could identify, this sounds very homogeneous). But hey I understand why Ernie Fleetenkieker of Krachmucker TV likes TRAITOR: he is kind of a connoisseur of the extreme and therefore digs this. Live theres is no impairment sound-wise, still aggressive and fast.
If you dig more aggressive thrash like KREATOR or SODOM you will love the raw energy of TRAITOR!

Tracklist Knee Deep In The Dead:

01. Mad Dictator

02. Predator (Skinned Alive)

03. Nuke Èm All

04. Ebola

05. Pieces of Pale

06. Demonic Possession

07. At the gates of Hell

08. Knee-Deep In The Dead

09. Xenomorph
10. Crucifixion
11. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover)

Tracklist Decade Of Revival:

01. Metroid

02. Into The Nightosphere

03. Space Seed

04. Decade Of Revival

05. Knee-Deep In The Dead (live)

06. Crucifixion (live)

07. Thrash Command (live)

08. Ebola (live)

09. Lord Of Lust (live)

10. Mad Dictator (live)

11. Teutonic Storm (live)

12. Predator (live)

13. Nuke Ém All (live)

14. F.U.A.D (live)


Andreas Mozer – Drums, Lead Vocals

Lorenz Kandolf – Bass

Gerd Hery – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matthias Koch – Guitars


Cover Picture


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

Knee-Deep in the Dead Video:


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