New Werewolf Film, WALPURGIS NIGHT Needs Your Help!

The film is an ode to Paul Naschy

We received word on a killer practical FX werewolf film that could really use your help! WALPURGIS NIGHT is described as an ode to Spanish horror master Paul Naschy. The filmmakers just started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the movie. The movie even has the support and blessing of Paul Naschy’s son, Sergio Molina. Get more details on the film and find out how you can help this amazing film happen right here below.

From The Press Release

Being made with the support of Paul Naschy’s son! This is a project every horror fan should want to get behind! Just check out their absolutely incredible short film The Legend Of El Hombre Lobo in the campaign page to see what I mean!

WALPURGIS NIGHT is A disturbing wolfman film set in 1972. A wealthy couple recently visiting Baliavasta Transylvania soon become involved with a man (Waldemar Daninsky) who desperately seeks a cure to his lycanthropy. The grandson of Dr. Jekyll just may have that remedy Waldemar has been searching for..

The film is an ode to Paul Naschy one of Spain’s biggest horror icons. It’s meant to take the character of Waldemar Daninsky and bring it into something new and disturbing. The film is going to be filled with horrifying surprises and 100% practical creature effects.

Eric Yoder will be the writer/director/special fx artist on the film. Also on board is DP Michael Nicle. Actors Shane Ronzio as Waldemar/The Werewolf. Matthew Stallings as Dr. Jekyll III and we also have composer Andrew Scott Bell doing the haunting soundtrack. We also have the support of Sergio Molina (Paul Naschy’s son)

We want to make the best film possible, please check out the campaign, contribute, and share!

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