CD Review: Stone Dagger – The Siege Of Jerusalem Demo

Artist: Stone Dagger
Title: The Siege Of Jerusalem Demo
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: June 7th 2014
Label: Self-Released

Reviewed by Schwermetallisch

Review Flash

I just stumbled upon the early work of Brendan Radigan (MAGIC CIRCLE, THE RIVAL MOB, BATTLE RUINS) the other day and decided to review this even if I had to buy the stuff myself in order to get enough material to review, never mind this stuff is awesome. What do I speak about? STONE DAGGER of course, these guys released a Demo in 2014 and sadly that`s it. I got two songs in my hands: “The Siege Of Jerusalem” and “Black Clad Rider”, both songs clock in about 5 minutes making it a playtime of about 10:50. In 2014 the demo was quickly sold out, no wonder considering the high quality of both the song material and the street cred of everyone involved. Radigan`s voice is both strong and soulfull, it can whip through a song making no captives but it can also soar above a composition like Ian Gillan`s (DEEP PURPLE). It is a global tragedy that there is not more of this, Man!the songs I listened to were of the remastered 2017 version and they sound phenomenal, awesome vocals, a phat bass and catchy guitars. If you desperately need a good 10:50 Minutes you need to check out STONE DAGGER.

Conclusion: for fans of MANOWAR, CIRITH UNGOL and OMEN

Rating: 9 / 10

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