Death Metal Unit VALDRIN Reveal Cover and Tracklist to New Album, ‘Effigy Of Nightmares’!

Cincinnati, Ohio based blackened death metal unit VALDRIN has revealed details of their upcoming new album, Effigy Of Nightmares. The album is set to be released in the Spring via Blood Harvest Records. Check out more details of the album and band below.

From The Press Release

Black/death mavericks Valdrin have completed their highly anticipated third album, Effigy of Nightmares, which will be released later this spring via Blood Harvest Records. Additionally, the cover artwork & tracklisting to Effigy of Nightmares have been revealed, which follow further below.

A statement from founding vocalist/guitarist Carter Hicks is as follows: “Effigy of Nightmares, like our previous album Two Carrion Talismans, centers around the antagonist of our Mythos: Nex Animus. The story chronicles the tour of a nameless narrator through the halls of Hosptium Mortis, the nightmare hospital below the Orcus underworld itself, where Nex tortures and lobotomizes the dissident gods of his domain.”

Continuing, he says, “We as the vessels of the Ausadjur Mythos have chosen this short and concise musical observation of Nex’s supreme power to be the final tale in the Orcus realm. In the future, we will return to the story of Valdrin Ausadjur, and continue after the events of Beyond The Forest.”

One of the metal underground’s best-kept secrets, Valdrin self-released their debut album, Beyond the Forest, in 2013. A year later, the now-defunct Blast Head Records re-released the album, and between the two editions, the band gained a good amount of momentum. But it was 2018’s Two Carrion Talismans, released by new label home Blood Harvest, where Valdrin reaped widespread acclaim, and for good reason: their epic, shapeshifting blackened death was both timeless and exceptionally fresh, imparting masterful songwriting amidst impassioned playing. And, blackening their attack yet further, the band’s forthcoming Effigy of Nightmares looks set to eclipse that grand achievement…

Release date and preorder info for Valdrin‘s Effigy of Nightmares to be announced shortly. In the meantime, cover art – courtesy of Lucas Ruggieri, with layout by Anton Escobar – and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Valdrin’s Effigy of Nightmares
1. Gates of Hospice [2:31]
2. Exsanguination Tunnels [5:49]
3. Red Burning Candles of Hatred [5:12]
4. Serpentine Bloodhalls [3:02]
5. Basilisk of Light [5:00]
6. Down The Oubliette Of Maelstrom [8:35]


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