CRIPTA and THE LORD DOESN’T HATE YOU DVD’s Available from Bayview Entertainment!

Two new low-budget horror flicks are available now from Bayview Entertainment, CRIPTA and THE LORD DOESN’T HATE YOU. Find out how to get copies for yourself down below along with more information on each film.

From The Press Release

BayView Entertainment has two new releases on DVD available now, ‘Cripta’ and ‘The Lord Doesn’t Hate You’.

Synopsis: CRIPTA is the story of six young archeology students who perform their research from the comfort of their computer screens, avoiding most human contact. One day, a wicked computer virus penetrates their network and provides them with a real-life threat which is prepared to escape the confines of their virtual world. Now it’s up to our heroes to solve the cryptic questions that the evil virus has prepared and prevent its destructive plans for the earth. CRIPTA, from writer/director Marco Lui (The Book of Life), is inspired by the medieval mysteries of The Da Vinci Code and takes a look at the questions surrounding the birth of modern religion.

Synopsis: A young woman who has contracted a mysterious and contagious disease is forced by her village to take a trip, accompanied by only her father, to a hermit healer who is said to be her only hope of salvation. A long journey awaits the pair across a wild land, fighting against time, and they find out against their will that the girl’s illness is not the only threat hanging over them. This international film festival favorite is presented on DVD exclusively with two versions: color and the director’s preferred black & white.

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