Cryptid Corner: Canadian Hunters Capture Bone-Chilling Audio of Unknown Creature Howling in the Forest!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Cryptid Corner posting here and I think it’s high time we get back to them. We’ve got a creepy one for you this time as Canadian hunter Gino Meekis, his wife, and grandson recorded audio while out on a hunt on October 3rd, 2019 in Northern Ontario.

They recorded audio of some unknown creature howling off in the forest. To me, the howling is bone-chilling and raises the hairs on the back of my neck. Speculators say it could be a moose or wolf, while others say it could be the howl of a sasquatch.

You’ll hear for yourself in the videos below but whatever is making these ungodly howls, it’s hard to explain. Biologists have analyzed the audio and say they can’t determine what type of creature is making the sounds.

According to Meekis, “(I’ve never) heard anything like this before,” he told in an interview. “It was more bass-y than anything I’ve heard scream before. I started thinking of all the animals in the area–I’d heard during my life–and it didn’t match,” he said. “At first I wasn’t scared because it sounded kind of far from where we were. It sounded like it was a kilometer away. So if it started coming, (we had) enough time to get out of there. We could hear it moving,” Meekis said. “It sounded kind of heavy.”

Meekis and his family were walking on a trail back to their car along the Vermilion River near Sioux Lookout when they first started hearing the unknown howling. At first, he thought it could be a moose or bear, but then decided it sounded too deep for that. Meekis, wife, and grandson eventually became scared and left the area.

Biologists tried to determine what could be making the sound but couldn’t come up with a confident determination based on the audio. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was at a loss at the sounds. “Our biologists say it could be a larger mammal – for example a wolf – but because of a considerable distance from the recorder there is no way to be certain,” ministry spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski wrote in an email to

Finally, Meekis stated, there’s no way to ever know for sure what it was they heard that day.

Hear for yourself in the two videos below with the recorded audio. Are these the howls of an injured bear or moose, or are they something…else?

Source: Wideopenspaces / CTV News

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