PERVERSION Sign with Hells Headbangers; New Album Is on the Way!

Detroit death metal lowlifes PERVERSION has signed with Hells Headbangers. The band is working on their second full-length album which is expected to be released later in the year. You can check out the first track entitled “Bhagavad Genocide” down below.

From The Press Release

Today, Hells Headbangers announces the signing of America’s Perversion. The first fruit of this union shall be the band’s highly anticipated second album, which should see release through the label later this year on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Perversion initiated rehearsal sessions in a basement of Detroit around the fall of 2008, originally formed by Fernando Conde (guitars), Alan Hoover (bass), Neil Spencer (vocals), and James Haley (drums). In February 2009, the Metal is Death demo was released and several shows were played locally (Detroit, Lansing, and Cleveland). In the summer of 2009, the original drummer left the band and Peter Gibbs was recruited. A split 7″ with Anguish was recorded and released by Black Shit Noise Productions from Texas. Neil stepped out of the band, and Fernando started doing vocals in addition to lead/rhythm guitars. A new demo was recorded, and several shows were played in the Midwest and Detroit.

In 2012, Perversion took part in the Filthiest of Apocalyptic Detroit four-way split. Shortly after, the first full-length, Storm of Evil, was recorded and released by Bitchy Witch Records. After several dates all over the U.S. and South America, Perversion started writing again and released several rehearsal tapes and a demo titled Archaic Death Metal, which is an advance of the upcoming album.

A statement from the band reads: “Perversion has always had an orthodox and purist ideology in regards to how black and death metal are meant to sound. Gathering inspiration from the degeneration of civilization, the decay in morality, and the Kali Yuga itself, we captured an archaic structure in our latest recordings. Our principles and convictions have remained unchanged through the years. We have forged an alliance with Hells Headbangers to release our second full-length, which is definitely not for people looking for sophisticated, politically correct music, but for fanatics of barbaric and punishing cacophony.”

The first taste of Perversion‘s barbaric and punishing cacophony can be found with the new track “Bhagavad Genocide” HERE at Hells Headbangers‘ official YouTube channel. Release date, cover art, tracklisting, and preorder info for Perversion‘sas-yet-unnamed second album to be announced in due time. For more info, consult the links below.




“When you need metal, go to hell!” 

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