Comic Crypt: House of Secrets (1956-1978) #123, Moon Phases #1, Pizza Tree #1, Scary Christmas #1,

House of Secrets (1956-1978) #123

A cranky ghost in an old house makes friends with a young boy until the kid meets a girl and loses interest in the ghost.

Written by John Albano, Michael Fleisher
Pencils – Leandro Sesarego, Alex Toth
Inks – Leandro Sesarego, Alex Toth
Cover by Frank Robbins
Genres – Anthology, Horror, Supernatural/Occult

About Book
Page Count – 21 Pages
Print Release Date – September 4 1974
Digital Release Date – December 12 2019
Age Rating – 12+ Only
Sold by DC


Moon Phases #1

Law and Disorder
There is a darkness in this town. This town has been hiding. This town has been hidden from view. Hidden from memory. Few remember its whereabouts. Few remember its name. The shadows and the shapes shift in the endless darkness. Something in the deep is awakening. A lone man wanders into this place. Into the dark. Drawn to it by a light that still shines somewhere out of sight. He leads his horse into this place. With watchful eyes, he scans the darkness for signs. For movement. For anything he might use. The blackened skies open. Moonlight peers out of the thick clouds. The different faces of the moon cascade down from the heavens. In the town is awash with a pale light. The darkness is asleep no more. The shadows groan. The wanderer’s eyes drift from side to side. He readies his steel for the fight. The Moon Phases series introduces the reader to the history of this place. To the history of this town. From the beginning to the end. And everywhere in between. There is nothing but law and disorder here now. The time is the Olde West. The town is a deserted place in between the spaces of thought and reason. The dead sleep here. The living scrapes a life from the dwindling hope and strength that somehow manage to hold a candle light up to the vastness of despair. By chance, a wanderer has happened upon this place. The dead have risen. The dead are hungry. The wanderer’s steel is quick. Survival depends on luck. On chance. And a little bit of skill.

Written by Peter W Caton
Art by Greg Hiatt
Pencils – Greg Hiatt
Inks – Greg Hiatt
Colored by Greg Hiatt
Genres – Action/Adventure, Horror, Supernatural/Occult, Western

About Book
Page Count – 22 Pages
Digital Release Date – December 11 2019
Age Rating – 12+ Only
Sold by comiXology


Pizza Tree #1

Friday night means pizza night for the Poulton family. However, when Chase plants a slice of pepperoni in their backyard, every night becomes pizza night after a mysterious Pizza Tree appears. The Poultons soon learn free pizza comes with a price. For those with a taste for horror, sink your teeth into the Pizza Tree!

Written by Mark Poulton
Art by Mark Poulton
Genres – Comedy, Horror

About Book
Page Count – 49 Pages
Digital Release Date – December 11 2019
Age Rating – 12+ Only
Sold by comiXology


Scary Christmas #1

The most wonderful time of the year will resound with shrieks of fright, and those shrieks will be YOURS! The pages of Scary Christmas are chock-full of fear, as we explore traditional, international yuletide tales of murder, mayhem, and monsters! From the Alpines comes Frau Perchta, with a penchant for disembowelment. From France, meet Hans Trapp, the cannibal disguised as a scarecrow. And from Iceland, welcome J lakötturinn, the “yule cat” that will devour you whole. Fans of classic EC Comics horror will love Scary Christmas, which delivers three dark tales of terror with twist endings, illustrated by three different, international artists, and all designed to give your chills the chills. But be warned: These tales are NOT for children, and contain graphic violence, gore, and nudity, and are for mature readers only!

Written by Natalie Jane, Mike Wolfer
Art by Mike Wolfer
Pencils – Various
Inks – Various
Genres – Horror, Movies & TV, Risque

About Book
Page Count – 24 Pages
Print Release Date – December 11 2019
Digital Release Date – December 11 2019
Age Rating – 17+ Only
Sold by comiXology


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